Determined Tenant Who Refused to Leave Awarded £26,000 Extra


With the benefit of expert advice, a flat dweller who stood her ground and refused to move out of her leasehold property to make way for redevelopment of the property has been awarded more than £270,000 in compensation after her home was compulsorily purchased.

The woman was the last remaining resident in a block of flats which was targeted by a local authority for redevelopment into social housing. Following a public inquiry, a compulsory purchase order was issued against her and she was forced to leave. The council paid her £243,565 in compensation.

However, she argued that the award was inadequate and, following a hearing before the Upper Tribunal, was awarded additional sums totalling £26,930. That amount included an extra £7,000 to reflect the true value of her home, almost £15,000 in professional fees, and other amounts to compensate her for the costs, losses and disturbance involved in her enforced move.

Source: Private Client Library – News Stories