Many businesses across the UK are dependant on EEA nationals to run their operations and will need to be careful that any uncertainty over Brexit doesn't impact their continuing growth. Equally you may be employing or looking to bring in workers from outside the EEA.

At Wellers we recently had to step in at the last minute to rescue a business from losing one of its sponsored employees due to an oversight which meant the employee’s visa was due to expire in a matter of days and he had not been issued with a certificate of sponsorship for renewal. The employee was under the impression that it was the employer’s responsibility to renew his leave to remain when the employer was relying on the employee to remind them of same.

Well the responsibility to a great extent is shared between the two parties. The employee, in order to extend their visa they would need to demonstrate that they are still in the same role, with the same employer when the original application was made and therefore will require the cooperation of the employer. The employer will also have a responsibility to ensure that they have the correct sponsorship licence in place and licences are not automatically renewed. It is likely that over the course of the four years for which a licence lasts there will have been changes to the qualifying criteria applied by the Home Office and another round of documentation may be required. The Wellers corporate immigration service can take this administrative burden off your shoulders and help your business get the right overseas talent without the pitfalls that could cost you time and money.

Please see our corporate immigration services fact sheet.

Corporate Immigration Services fact sheet

If you have immigration concerns for your business please read our corporate immigration fact sheet and contact us on 020 8290 7982