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Wellers Hedleys has offices in Great Bookham and on the Effingham border (our main Surrey office).

As well as providing a first-class legal service to clients in Surrey, we also serve clients from Greater London and further afield – for example, in cases of international divorce.

The team at Wellers Hedleys has worked closely with families, businesses and communities in Surrey for more than 40 years. The practice has now evolved to become part of Wellers Law Group and this has given us the ability to pair a personalised and local approach with a world-class level of legal service and support for the benefit of all our clients.

Our areas of expertise

At Wellers Hedleys in Surrey, we have all aspects of family law covered. Whether you are at the beginning of a marriage, starting a family, facing divorce and separation, or have difficult legal issues relating to a child, we can bring clarity to the family law processes in order to help you achieve the best possible outcome. More details regarding our areas of expertise are listed below.

  • Divorce and separation – The breakdown of a relationship, particularly a marriage, can be distressing and disturbing. Sensitive but objective legal advice is essential to any person who hopes to navigate this process in the least distressing way possible. Wellers Hedleys’ divorce solicitors in Surrey can help you negotiate the process of marriage dissolution and help you complete the formal process with the minimum of stress and in the quickest time possible.
  • Financial settlements on divorce – Wellers Hedley’s financial settlement solicitors in Surrey bring clarity and direction so that you can negotiate the process of dividing matrimonial or civil partnership assets. From property through to earnings, savings, pensions, belongings and other assets, we can help you to seek a fair settlement which upholds your legal rights and protects your financial future.
  • Arrangements for children – Impartial and authoritative family law advice is essential in any matter relating to children. Wellers Hedley’s family law specialists can help you with all aspects of the law as it relates to children, including parental responsibility, child arrangements, child protection and safeguarding, and abduction.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements – Pre-nups and post-nups are a contemporary response to the modern-day realities of marriage. If you want clarity in relation to individual assets and interests within the context of your marriage, speak with Wellers Hedley’s family lawyers today. A marital property agreement can be drawn up prior to marriage or at any time after the event, but the most important issue before drafting an agreement or signing a document that is presented to you is to seek independent legal advice
  • Domestic abuse – Abuse, including physical and emotional harm, control and intimidation, can devastate families and cause long-term intergenerational harm. Wellers Hedley’s domestic abuse solicitors in Effingham and Great Bookham and are committed to helping clients in these circumstances achieve every protection provided by the law. There are various actions our solicitors can take, including making an application for an injunction: either a non-molestation order or occupation order depending on your circumstances. Each case is unique and we will treat your case with integrity, discretion and sensitivity, but always with robust use of the law to protect you and your family.
  • Cohabitation agreements – Many people mistakenly believe in the concept of “common law marriage”. However, as the law stands, no matter how long two people have lived together, they are not protected in law in the same way as a married couple. A cohabitation agreement can help such couples protect their interests the event of the death of one partner or the breakdown of the relationship. Our family law solicitors can help you formalise your relationship to clarify ownership of property and to ensure that both partners and any children of the relationship are provided for should the worst happen.
  • Relationship breakdown of a civil partnership – A civil partnership can be dissolved after one year. Wellers Hedley’s family law specialists can help you protect your interests while achieving separation with as little stress and fuss as possible.

We have a number of free family guides which offer lots of useful information and these can be downloaded from our Free Guides page.

Resources for family law clients in Surrey

There are a number of local organisations which provide support to Surrey residents experiencing divorce, domestic violence, children issues or financial hardship related to a family law issue.

More information about these can be found below:

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From our Bookham High Street and Butler House offices, we are able to provide our clients with a sensitive, transparent and pragmatic family law service.

We are members of Resolution as well as the Law Society’s Family Law Accreditation Scheme and always seek to uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

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