Wellers Law Group has always taken the safety of our employees and clients very seriously and during the COVID 19 pandemic we have instigated additional house rules to ensure that we continue to be protected from infection.
At present our offices are only open for administrative work that cannot be completed by home working. We do anticipate having solicitors and clients attending offices on a staged basis, once the lockdown rules permit us to do so. As a result of our risk assessment, a number of measures have and are being implemented to ensure everyone’s safety in preparation for more people returning to the office environment.

Hand washing and hygiene

  • Our offices will be subject to frequent cleaning (paying close attention to high-contact objects like door handles and photocopiers). A clear desk policy will operate to ensure all areas of the office can be accessed for cleaning.
  • Sanitising wipes and extra cleaning products have been supplied for employees to carry out additional cleaning of their own phone, screen, keyboard and mouse.
  • Hand sanitisers available at entry and exit points and employees and clients are required to clean their hands when entering offices (paper towels are also available for hand drying).
  • As an extra precaution, employees should bring their own personal sanitiser and if they have sensitive skin they may prefer to wear suitable gloves.
  • Face coverings are required in all client meetings when offices are open for such meetings.


  • All employees to adhere to one-way traffic systems where implemented within certain offices.
  • We will stagger arrival and departure times where it is sensible to minimise the number of people in an office at any one time.
  • Avoid sharing or changing workstations and minimise sharing of office stationery.
  • Where people cannot be two metres apart, we will minimise transmission risk, taking common sense measures such as keeping time needed to confer to a minimum.
  • Employees are expected to avoid going into the same enclosed space as others. All rooms are to be kept well ventilated through the opening of windows where possible. If using mechanical ventilation, ensure systems are set to maximise fresh air and minimise air recirculation.
  • Desk arrangements to be adjusted to avoid employees sitting opposite each other, especially face to face arrangements
  • All employees to keep a record of when they are at work and who they were with for up to 21 days in case contacted by Track and Trace representatives.
  • When clients are permitted to attend offices we will inform them that we will record their contact details for the same reason.
  • Employees within a vulnerable group must follow social distancing guidance. Those who have been informed that they are in an extremely vulnerable group (and should be shielded) will be supported to stay and continue to work at home.
  • Our administrative and support staff will be typically required to be in the office more than our solicitors. The administrative teams are encouraged to keep within the same group of people or “bubble”. Employees who are not in the office on a regular basis will inform those who are, in advance of arrival.
  • We have set a maximum number of employees for each office to allow for sensible levels of social distancing until the present environment changes.
  • Deliveries to offices will be minimised, be left outside of reception areas and gloves required to handle post and other delivered documents.

No employee should attend work if they have a fever or cough or other Covid-19 symptoms. Employees should avoid coming into work if someone in their household has Covid-like symptoms.  Contact your line manager by phone as soon as you are able to do so.